Mit stille hjem (My Quiet Home) - X Transit Festival


06. June 2022




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Kr. 120 / 60


Holstebro Dansekompagni, Denmark

Excerpt dancers: Kateryna Kuznetsova, Yekatery- na Bysheva, Oleksandra Maksimchuk
Staging and choreography: David C. Price and Marie Brolin-Tani
Duration: 10 min.

At Transit 10 Holstebro Dansekompagni will present an excerpt from Mit stille hjem, directed and choreographed by David C. Price and Marie Brolin-Tani.

Mit stille hjem pays homage to the Ukrainian woman through three personal stories danced by three Ukrainian dancers. Together with six other female dancers from Holstebro Dansekompagni and guest dan- cers, they present a historical and far too contemporary image of the condition of being at war. A story where powerlessness, struggle and love are at the centre, but also a performance where strength and community between women, both close by and global and across generations, gives hope for a brighter future.

In the night between 23 and 24 February, Russia goes to war with Ukraine. Millions of women and children flee their homeland, leaving families, partners, friends. The life they knew and who they were is a thing of the past. Three of these women are dancers Kateryna Kuznetsova, Yekateryna Bysheva and Oleksandra Maksimchuk. In response to the horrors of war and a desire to help, Holstebro Dansekompagni hired the three talented dancers and helped them out of Ukraine in March 2022. Together with Holstebro Dansekompagni and several other female dancers of several generations, they created the performance Mit stille hjem, based on the Ukrainian poem by Lina Kostenko.