No estoy sola (I am not alone)


07. June 2022




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Teatro La Candelaria, Colombia

Performer and director: Patricia Ariza

Audio-visual production: Francesco Corbelletta - Assistant: Carlos Satizábal - Set design: Jorge Ardila - Lighting design and technical support: Carlos Robledo Puppet: Johnathan Rodríguez, Tropa Teatro Pereira - Clothes animation: Cecilia Traslaviña, Simón Uribe Special thanks: Grupo de Teatro La Candelaria, Corpo- ración Colombiana de Teatro, Escuela de Mujeres de la Corporación Colombiana de Teatro, Nohra González, Ximena Cuervo, Movimiento Social de Mujeres.
Duration: 30 min. - Performed in Spanish


A one-woman show by Patricia Ariza, presenting the leaders and women who have died for thinking and giving their opinion differently, for defending the land where they live, or for looking for a place to live in this large and foreign country that ignores them because they are poor and brave.

This work is enormously influenced by the hundreds of event-performances directed by Patricia Ariza with the use of non-verbal languages and video as an undenia- ble witness of time and space. The video shows actions in the street and the endless lists of names of men and women who are murdered every day. And never ending list, which never stops.

Patricia Ariza is a founding member of Teatro la Candelaria, based in the Candelaria neighbourhood of Bogotá. She is an actress, director, poet, playwright and an activist for peace and for the women’s move- ment. Patricia is currently the director of Teatro La Candelaria. She is president of CCT (Corporación Colombiana de Teatro) which was founded forty-five years ago in Bogotá for the development of the movement of innovative Colombian theatre. It organises the Alter- native Theatre Festival and the Festival Mujeres en Escena por la Paz (Women on Stage for Peace). She organises the Alternative Theatre Festival and the Festival Mujeres en Escena por la Paz (Women on Stage for Peace) and supports the movement of Artists for Peace, the creation of poetic memories concerning the social armed conflict af- flicting Colombia, and the common creative work of victims and art- ists. Besides her work with La Candelaria, Patricia has directed other theatre groups like Rapsoda, Gotas de Rap, Travesía, Flores de Otoño and Tramaluna. Patricia Ariza has written various books, amongst which Habitar el cuerpo, Habitar la calle, Hojas de papel volando, Te- atro Patricia Ariza. Patricia has been part of the Magdalena network for many years and in 2006 she organised the Magdalena Antigona Festival in Bogotá.

Carlos Satizábal is a poet, writer, playwright, actor and theatre direc- tor. He is associate professor at the National University of Colombia, where he directs the Master programme in Creative Writing and is a researcher at the Centre for Thought and Action for the Arts and pro- fessor at the School of Film and Television. He is an activist for peace in Colombia. He works with the Corporación Colombiana de Teatro as curator of the Alternative and Women on Stage Festivals and as an actor and director of Tramaluna Teatro. He has published theatre, po- etry, chronicles, essays; and writes articles and columns on art, peace and politics in the press and on social media.

Francesco Corbelletta Patiño is a video and filmmaker with empha- sis on new technologies working for Universidad Nacional de Colom- bia, Bogotá́. He has coordinated the audio-visual documentation of various theatre festivals and meetings. He has designed, produced and edited more than 300 theatre performances in venues of differ- ent cities in the world.


TEATRO LA CANDELARIA, founded in 1966, is a group that creates per- formances and is engaged in systematic theatre and social context re- search. Since 1967, themes, situations and characters from the national reality adopted by Teatro La Candelaria produced a phenomenon of public mobilisation and a massive interest in its work, making it a milestone in Colombian and Latin American theatre. Teatro La Candelaria has received numerous international awards and recognitions throughout its history. A constant concern of this group, thanks to the tenacity of the founder San- tiago García and the permanence of its members among whom Patricia Ariza, is the research work and the creation of works of national drama- turgy, as well as the methodology of Collective Creation. La Candelaria today, after more than half a century of life and work, remains a group with a systematic dedication to theatre, creation and research.