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Kr. 120 / 60

Laboratorio Internacional Teatro Residui, Spain

Actor: Viviana Bovino Director: Gregorio Amicuzi
Text and choreography: Viviana Bovino - Choreographic creation: Viviana Bovino, Denis Lavie

Duration: 55 min. - Performed in English


Four levels of language are woven by Penelope in the performance: dance-theatre, storytelling, aerial dance and singing. The research process stems from Viviana Bovino’s proposals directed by Gregorio Amicuzi. This project is inspired by the work method Cuerpo en vuelo created by the Colombian choreographer, Marta Ruiz. This performance is also an homage to her. It is the sto- ry of a woman suspended in waiting. Penelope begins a journey similar to her partner’s Ulysses quest. Since Ulysses left, Penelope waits, dreams, remembers and weaves. Penelope represents a battlefield of love and war. Penelope’s journey is that of the unbridled flight of the imagination that speaks about the circumstances and consequences that war and conflict bring. When Ulysses returns, he says: “Dear Penelope, my beloved woman, tonight in Itaca with you at my side, I face the hardest of tests. You don’t recognise me. … Nothing is real if you don’t believe me. My life is in your patient hands, in your face hardened by a static waiting, my dream is in your broken heart.”

Viviana Bovino (Italy/Spain) is an actress, dancer, teacher, and one of the founders of Teatro Residui. Her work transits between dance, theatre, and singing. She is also the author of various ar- ticles, poems, and texts for Teatro Residui’s performances. Since 2013, she became a disciple of Keiin Yoshimura (Kamigata Mai To- monokai), studying Kamigata-mai dance, Noh theatre principles, Kyogen theatre, and practising the Tea Ceremony. Since 2013, she is part of The Magdalena Project network and in 2021 she organ- ised the first Magdalena Festival in Ayllón, Spain.

Gregorio Amicuzi (Italy/Spain) is the director of Residui Teatro, of Territorios Teatrales Transitables, and of BRIDGES Internation- al Theatre Residence. In 2014, he was Eugenio Barba’s assistant director for Clear Enigma, presented at Odin Teatret’s 50th an- niversary. He has trained with different Italian and international teachers, focusing especially on the work of stage presence.


in 2000 with Gregorio Amicuzi as its artistic director. The group travels to Spain in 2007, where in 2009 they create CAAE, Centro de Artesanía de las Artes Escénicas, establishing themselves in Ma- drid. Teatro Residui devises, creates and cooperates with different artistic, cultural and social communities. The three main focuses are production of performances, teaching and socio-cultural pro- jects. In the last 20 years they have produced more than twenty performances, creating their own teaching method giving work- shops and master classes. From 2020 and in 2021, Teatro Residui helped realise the Master’s Degree Actor’s Atelier organised by the Grotowski Institute (Poland) and directed by J. Fret (director of the Grotowski Institute). Gregorio Amicuzi and Viviana Bovino are part of the teaching team in this master’s degree.