Song / Jeux


10. June 2022


21:00 - 21:40


Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Voix Polyphoniques, France

Singers of La Belle Équipe: Brigitte Cirla, Mireille Mammini, Brigitte Maurin, Anne Lise Lionnet, Graziella Végis
Director: Brigitte Cirla


Song/Jeux is a performance to discover learned music without taking oneself seriously: singing, dreaming while playing, playing dreaming while singing.

With malicious complicity, five singers offer a cappella pieces, sometimes humorous, other times serious and nostalgic. As in a dream, they invite composers and poets to tell us about their lives, their dreams, their rivalries. They have fun singing, drawing music, inventing the soundtrack for a comic strip, creating a score for toys, and ”slamming” a love poem. Always in search of discoveries, five voices slip into the unpublished writings of 20th and 21st century composers: G. Ligeti tells us about his beginnings as a composer, S. Komitas makes K. Berbérian dance, M. Seiber and E. Lear bicker, L. Ginoux meets A. Chédid, Aguiar discovers V. Paranjoti … They are all there before our eyes and tell us a little about their history and their music.

Brigitte Cirla began a career as a singer and actress after an education in classical piano. Brigitte’s passion for both a cappella song and contemporary composition, led her to create Voix Polyphoniques in 1991 and other vocal groups. As a teacher and choir director, Brigitte has led numerous workshops for amateurs and professionals in France and Europe, she dedicates herself to a continuous musical research on a cappella traditional polyphonic singing and contemporary compositions for voice. Brigitte writes most of the performances of her company in collaboration with composers and recently has been working as well for musical performances for open air spaces. She is a founding member of The Magdalena Project.

VOIX POLYPHONIQUES was created in 1991 by Brigitte Cirla. Since 1996 the company resides in La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille, France. The company has created, produced and toured about thirty different musical theatre performances. Voix Polyphoniques also participates in different European projects and leads choirs.


LA BELLE ÉQUIPE is an amateur vocal ensemble born in 2010 that explores, discovers and deciphers original contemporary music inspired by a capella singing traditions. They also commission

3 - 12 June 2022

An international theatre festival for women in contemporary theatre. This year’s festival theme is
The Splendour of the Ages
Theatre - Women - Courage

The Transit Festival has existed since 1995 and it is part of The Magdalena Project, an international network of women in theatre created to enable women to produce work that more profoundly reflects their own experience. The festival is directed by Julia Varley, actress of Odin Teatret.