XR Scenekunst Lab - workshop


12. - 16. Jun 2022



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Free / Gratis - but you need to register!

The aim of the workshop is to increase awareness of XR-technology and to allow hands-on experimentation for theatre's and its members, whether it is the theatre's artists, directors or scenographers who do not currently have access to the technology. 

The aim is also to facilitate a forum for development and innovation and to stimulate dialogue across different sectors. This will give a wide range of professionals and members of society a chance to take a closer look at, and engage with, these technologies in relation to the arts as well as getting tools to start up their own XR-projects

The results of each workshop will be a composition of smaller productions, tested by virtual scenes in concrete performing arts installations, which will help us define projects, ideas and partners for future productions. During the workshop the participants will experiment with XR (augmented reality, virtual reality, motion capture, augmented reality, 360, etc.). 

The workshop will be guided by ILITA, Immersive Lab for Innovation in Theatre Making and Archive – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in partnership with the Aarhus XR studio, MANND.

Workshop programme

12 June
Setting up VR installation: X-Ray Fashion and introduction to VR and AR in the theatre industry- Guest speakers

13 June
Demonstration of X-Ray Fashion for the curious people. Here you have the opportunity to try the international award-winning VR experience “X-Ray Fashion”, created by the Aarhus-based XR company MANND.
X-Ray Fashion is a sensory journey and documentary that shows the dark side of fast-fashion clothing production. 

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14,15,16. June
- the investigation phase, hands on and experimentation with the different technologies. 

For registration and more info

write to: ilita@odinteatret.dk with cc to: dina.a.hamdan@gmail.com)