Parliament of Practices - Interweaving Dramaturgies


03. July 2022



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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The Parliament invites artists from all disciplines, culture workers and researchers to engage in a ‘dialogue in-between practices’ on the topic of Interweaving dramaturgies. Dramaturgy here is understood, following Eugenio Barba, as ‘the work of the actions’, the ‘levels of organisation’ of a performance. We will look at how dramaturgy manifests in our artistic and academic disciplines and how an attention to dramaturgy can help us to identify the different concrete tactics at play across disciplines. Particular focus will be on the question how dramaturgical tactics from different practices connect with each other, not only in performances but also in training and creation processes; and finally, how do they support us in more expanded contexts, such as cultural action, writing and even organisational structures.


The Parliament of Practices works with Cross Pollination’s tactics for knowledge exchange in the arts, both in and out of the studio. We will begin a work session of two hours, where we approach the theme through our practices. You can choose to participate on the floor or as a witness. After the break we continue the research through dialogue forms, both on an embodied and reflective level. 


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The Parliament of Practices

The Parliament of Practices was established in 2020 at the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, promoting exchange and knowledge creation between artists and researchers from different disciplines. Our tactics are based on speaking from and with practices, mixing dialogue forms, writing collaborations and performative actions. The personal practices of its participants ground the Parliament in direct and embodied knowledge that comes from personal experience. From there we can extrapolate from the artistic work to other levels of social organisation, civic life and society at large. 


Cross Pollination (CP) is an international platform where independent artists and researchers can exchange and develop their knowledge and practices, which are specific and personal. The platform arose as a response to the professional isolation and fragmentation that are often part of the daily reality of contemporary artists and researchers who work project-based or freelance. CP regularly creates gatherings where new techniques and tactics for cross pollinating are continuously created, documented and critically reflected upon. Since the initial laboratory session in 2017 at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in Denmark, CP has been expanding this ecology of knowledge during CP sessions, workshops in higher education, artistic residencies, academic writing labs, and community projects. 


More information on Cross Pollination and the Parliament of Practices here