02. - 13. Mar 2020



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Witnessing the First Phase in the Comosition of an Odin Teatret Performance

A two-week immersion rehearsing with Eugenio Barba and his actors

For two weeks, Odin Teatret will rehearse its next production ISHI in the presence of 20 selected people participating as a “collective mind”. After watching the rehearsals, the participants will gather to comment the day’s work and ask questions to Eugenio Barba. They will discuss with him, pointing out unclear situations, unexpected possibilities and new perspectives in a specific score, scene or situation.

Odin Teatret’s new performance has the provisional working title of ISHI. It depicts a love story in a landscape of languages which are withering and extinguishing. The work is in its embryonic phase and open to all radical developments.

Witnessing the rehearsal, the participants of the “collective mind” are introduced to the intimacy of a delicate, elusive and at times repetitive way of working and conceiving. A particular kind of self-discipline, quality of observation and concentration are required from the observers in order to support the actors, the director and the other collaborators. This is the only way to prevent the rehearsals from becoming trivialised and perturbed by a foreign unconcerned presence.  

In theatre, we can speak of a “collective mind” when an ensemble of motivated people is engaged in a creative process which doesn’t aim at realising an already clearly defined project. A “collective mind” integrates different specialisations, various degrees of experience and diverse responsibilities in an assembling process similar to that which happens in the individual mind in the course of invention: sudden changes of direction, detours, exploitation of serendipitous effects, leaps from one level of organisation to another (pre-expressive level, organic dramaturgy, narrative dramaturgy, shaping of the space, musical universe, etc.). The “collective mind” operates with the same amount of energy in programming as in knowing how to demolish its own programmes. 

During the rehearsals, new narrative threads emerge, mingle and get lost. The “collective mind” - the people involved in the process - tries to deepen and elaborate the materials already developed as well as their potentialities. They imagine other issues and propose new solutions, envisaging unforeseen aspects and even stories within the context of the growing dramaturgical structure.

The activity of the “collective mind” deals simultaneously with all the various levels of the performance’s organism, sometimes stressing one level, sometimes another, in an un-programmed way. The people absorbed in this process are searching both for the specific form of the creative process and also an unexpected secret sense of the story.

No rigid schedule can be previously established since the process decides the rhythm.

Films of previous Odin Teatret performances will be shown every evening and Odin Teatret’s performance The Deaf Man’s House will be presented.

See the full programme below.

Members of Odin Tetret's Collective Mind for ISHI: 

Director: Eugenio Barba

Actors: Luis Alonso, Kai Bredholt, Roberta Carreri, Donald Kitt, Carolina Pizarro, Julia Varley

Dramaturg: Thomas Bredsdorff 

Dramaturgiat: Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Dina Abu Hamdan, Ana Woolf

Musical director: Elena Floris

Lighting design: Fausto Pro

Practical Information

Application Deadline: 1 November 2019

Confirmation: 5 November 2019

Payment Due: 20 November 2019

Fee: 700 Euro

The fee includes shared accommodation and use of the kitchen, but not food.

Arrival: 2 March by 14.00 hrs.

Departure: 17 March 2020 

Working Language: English

The actors speak Italian, Danish, Spanish and English.




Please download the word document, save it on to your computer. Then complete the form and save it again on your computer. Title the completed form with your name followed by the text: - Collective Mind 2020 
(example: Eugenio Barba - Collective Mind 2020)

IF you complete by hand, please use capital lettering.

Return the completed application form
by email to Luis Alonso:
Email subject: COLLECTIVE MIND 2020

Thank you!