Count of the Days


16. - 31. Aug 2021



Théâtre "le Colombier"
8 Rue des Tanneries
81170 Les Cabannes

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From 16 to 31 August 2021

Led by Váli Theatre Lab (Valerio Peroni & Alice Occhiali) and 

Théâtre Des Grands Chemins (Fabio E. Sforzini)



"Inside we all knew, unconsciously, that the end would come in. Only the real sceptics or the blind in the heart could ignore it. With the letters still in hand we reached a balcony over the world. Many other hands, many other eyes like ours looked around in silence. The emptiness and a letter. For a moment it seemed to be all there. All humanity looking in the void. We felt, perhaps for the first time, to be part of something. The end is a strange thing. When something ends it always drags something else with it, and dying, we felt like a whirlwind that was taking the rest of the world with them. I don't know if the end has brought with it even the little sense of reality that remained. The fact is that face to face with death instead of feeling terror, we felt full of hope and instead of crying, we began to dance."

Dafne Rubini


"Count of the days" is an intensive theatre workshop with a performative aim. A path of reflection on the theme of death that attempts to overturn the rules of reality.

People talking about death, inevitably are overwhelmed by negative thoughts and anguish, uncertainty leads their minds to get lost in a black hole that does not lead anywhere.
In the loss, the fantasy is blocked and loses that brightness that distinguishes it. But what could happen if uncertainty turns into certainty? What could happen if the thoughts of an adult were transformed into the thoughts of a child who takes life as a game? If the heaviness turned into lightness?


The theatrical project proposed has not the aim to give or suggest answers, but to create a free space for reflection on a theme that very often leads to loss, a theme on which none of us has certain answers, but on which each of us, at least once in our life, has thought about it. We can't talk about death if before we didn't talk about life.


The workshop will be divided in two parts:


WAKING DREAMS / 1st PART   FROM 16 TO 21 AUGUST 2021               

COUNT OF THE DAYS /2nd PART  Creation of physical materials, Performance solo, FROM 23 TO 31 AUGUST 2021



"Waking dreams", the first working session led by Fabio Ezechiele Sforzini, will be focused on the theme of dreams.

The objective will be to try out multiple composition strategies and to prepare physical materials that will then be used for the work of montage.
These materials will be the result of a work process based on the study of the technical principles of movement and of its structure (precision, oppositions of forces, the daily and the extra-daily, etc.), together with the pre-expressive work of the actor.
Emphasis will be placed on the actor's ability to choose and organize the materials at his/her disposal and on the capability of using the tools at his/her disposal (body, voice, intuition, interdependence movement / voice, focus and presence), to introduce himself to an ideal practice, a masterful potion of performance in which he/she concentrates the tools at his/her disposal. Through this process, the actor evaluates the state of his/her needs and her/his practice.


"Count of the days", the second working session led by Valerio Peroni and Alice Occhiali of Váli Theatre Lab, will be focused on the creation of characters.
Each participant will work on a character related to the theme proposed by the pedagogues, creating a score (sequences) of actions in relation to a text, a song and an object or costume. With this approach, small scenes will be created and adapted to the scenic spaces of the venue where the workshop will take place.
Each participant will create his/her own character through a work of improvisation and physical composition (rhythms,dynamic qualities, postures and use of objects).
Participants will explore various ways of structuring improvisations and creating actor`s materials, such as work on score/sequences borrowed from disciplines such as dance or yoga, and to transform them into dramatic scores composed of physical, vocal and inner actions.
The material created by the actors will then be adapted to chosen sites in the venue where the workshop will take place, giving life to small theatrical scenes.
A montage will also be created through the use of live music, individual and group songs, which will play a fundamental role in linking the different scenes together, creating a site-specific touring performance in which the spectators will be guided from one place to another.