Holstebro Festuge 2020: Generationer – transformationer


06. - 14. Jun 2020



Holstebro by & Kommune

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Holstebro Festive Week 2020
Generations - Transformations

more information to follow in 2020....

The very first Holstebro Festuge took placce in 1989 in order to celebrate Odin Teatret's 25th anniversary, Holstebro Festuge mingles local official institutions and grassroots organisations together with foreign artists and theatre groups in a theatrical process which lasts nine days and nights. It takes place every third year with Odin Teatret as the main artistic motor and coordinator.

What makes Holstebro Festuge special is that the inhabitants are not only the audience, but they participate actively through their work and recreational interests. The basic idea is to bring together various local milieus which do not normally interact, establishing collaborations and mutual innovative projects that are surprising and may be seen as expressions of organised performance. Sports clubs, cultural and educational institutions, churches and their parishioners, ethnic and religious minorities, the military, business and commercial associations, hospitals and care homes - more than 100 milieus participate in a multitude of inter-related activities within a theatrical framework created by Odin Teatret and guest artists.

Each group, institution and organisation comes up with a performance/event within their own field according to the specific theme of the Festuge and is financially responsible for its own contribution. It is nevertheless possible to apply for a grant from Holstebro Municipality.

Up to the present day there have been ten Festuger.

Short impressions of past Festive Weeks:

Holstebro Festuge

While we are waiting for June 2020 - heres a little reminder of past festive weeks...

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