Movement of the Energy Within


25. September 2022




R. Dr. Ricardo Mota 79
3460 Tondela

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WORKSHOP based on basic training in Kalaripayattu, a martial art from South India, conducted by Carolina Pizarro.

Carolina Pizarro will pass on tools that she received from her guru Lakshman Gurukal, with the aim of giving to the participants a brief but exhaustive introduction to the practice of the Kalaripayattu martial art at a beginner’s level, according to the style of Hindustan Kalari Sangham. The training is based on a sequence of different kicks and animal postures. Combining the two, the participants discover different kinds of energy in action and how they can apply the different energy to their performances.

Training Principles:

  • Dialogue with tiredness, resistance, energy, weight control, focus, breathing, balance, flow, composition and awareness of the body’s centre.
  • Learning from Kalaripayattu physical scores: repetition, codification, organicity and rhythm.
  • Theatricality and directions of the body, space and time.
  • Development of three essential capacities: patience and perseverance, effort sustainment, and keeping calm and being in the present.

For 12 participants max.


  • It is an intensive physical workshop.
  • Participants should not have physical lesions.
  • Wear comfortable clothing (and bring a change of clothing/t-shirt), bring drinking water and a notebook and pen.
  • No previous experience needed.

The Organiser is required to supply:

  • An absolutely clean indoor space with a smooth wooden floor, suitable for working barefoot.
  • The space must be big enough for the physical work of 12 people.
  • Sound amplifier with input cable for Laptop or iPhone.