OMAUNU - Tales of the Cold Seas


29. November 2020




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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/ 60,-


We live at the bottom of a bowl, the day goes by, evening arrives, the bowl is slowly filled with darkness, and the bright stars appear. The mountains stand proud above life and death. Houses squeeze together on the shore. But we still know a bit about life, and a little about death, and we are here to tell you: We have come this long way to excite you and to move destiny. "

What happens when poetry interferes with the everyday doldrums and make you forget about the leather coat? When the waves rise twenty feet above the boat and the next one who kisses you is a fish, nibbling at ice cold lips? When the fish whispers omaunu and perhaps has death in mind?

When the moon makes you long for the one you live with? When the most important thing of all no longer is the moon or Mars, but a dark velvet dress?


The text comes from two books by the Icelandic author Jón Kalman Stefánsson (nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize four times): Heaven and hell and Summer light and then the night comes,

the music is Nordic folk and choral music and songs by Helle Hansen, Björk, Hedningar and Sting.

Music directed by Jørgen Andersen

Performance staged and directed by Line Ursula Wyller

The performance is a further development of "Songs of the Cold Seas" made by Catarina Bosæus, Line Ursula Wyller and Boreas Choir Theatre in 2013.


We continue our journey to explore how music can become a body, how the body can become a voice and how the stage becomes a universe, which can be shared with the audience.

Omaunu - Tales of the Cold Seas is our eighth performance.

In Greek mythology Boreas is the God of the northern wind. He is strong, bearded and wild tempered, owns twelve mares that can run across a mature cornfield without breaking a single axis. This mixture of gentleness and power, as well as the Nordic universe, has given us our name.
For almost 15 years we have created our own theatre form, which we call choir theatre. We create our performances from scratch, where choir song, physical theatre and literary texts come together to tell a story. We embrace a wide variety of musical genres but are rooted in the nordic universe, made up from jazz, pop, folk and nordic/classical choir. 

Audience comments from previous performances:

(2016 -18)

Everything is turned upside down and all emotions are touched upon in the performance TRILO.
(…) Strongly mixed with gripping solos and choir song with a Nordic sound - with added trumpet, cow horns and ukulele. We are witnessing a seduction by adults who are capable of playing with words, tones and body, and are able to find other uses for a music stand.
It all begins with a controlled, serious elegance and ends with a message to drop what restrains you and to let your hair down. A red thread does tie it all together, and it feels tight for us who are watching. Thank you for the revival."

Gitte Smedemark, journalist and choir singer


(2014 - 16)

The performance was entertaining, engaging and very touching all at once, with high intensity in the fine interaction between the actors and between the textual, musical and scenic variety. This theatralised and choreographed choir singing becomes expressive and vibrant, when blended together in a higher unity and is a serious and dignified counterpart to traditional concerts. Behind "Good Company" lies a great deal of serious work which indeed has produced a fantastic result.

Helle Høyer Vedel, choir leader , Aarhus Girl Choir

2012 -14

Thanks to Catarina Bosæus and Boreas Korteater for their very fine performance. Beautiful arrangements, sensual and poetic tales from the long winter night of the Arctic Ocean (...) An inspiring journey through moods and fragments of this beautiful and particular choir theatre.
An experience that repeats and falls into place over time, because there is thought and effort and a great deal of humanity in it ”

Helle Hansen, jazz composer and singer


With their choir theatre concept, Boreas has created their own form of choir concert, which is both poetic and energetic, versatile and thoughtful. The performance is vivid and different, and of course extremely musical. I highly recommend them."

Bo Gunge, composer and musician