18. - 31. Mar 2023



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A day in a theatre laboratory
The aim of this initiave is to spread the theatrical legacy of Odin Teatret around the professional performing arts schools and universities in Spain, as well as to reflect about the evolution of its theatre now that the respected company is letting a younger generation of performers in their laboratory. In order to do so it will be essential the participation of the youngest Odin actor, Carolina Pizarro, and of the theatre group she founded in 2017 within the frame of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Ikarus Stage Arts. The goal is to share work demonstrations, training sessions and performances and to open spaces to communicate and to reflect with the students of the schools participating in the project.

Singing workshop with Liliana Aracil
Ikarus Stage Arts ensemble will work intensively for a week with Liliana Aracil, a certified singing teacher from the Institute of Vocal Advancement. During this workshop the group will receive both individuals and ensemble singing lessons and will work on how to use their singing voice in a natura, yet efficient way, focussing on the IVA method.