“Teatro Danzao” - exploration between Flamenco and Theatre


29. Oct - 03. Nov 2022



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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A journey of astonishment and discovery in a space open to experimentation where Ana Salazar, professional flamenco dancer, will provide tools at an initial technical level to introduce participants to the world of flamenco, and in turn Carolina Pizarro, actress from Odin Teatret and director of Ikarus Stage Arts, will guide you through a stage creation process that will culminate in a show open to the public. In addition, in order to broaden creative references and delve into the subject, talks will be held, films will be shown, and the performance Danish songs and psalms in flamenco dress led by Kai Bredholt, Erika Sanchez and Nikolaj Rosengreen.

Flamenco is an original art from Andalusia, Spain, it is the result of the miscegenation of various cultures such as the gypsy and the Arab, among others. It is composed of traditional "toques, cantes and baile" to express various emotions and contains several theatrical elements that will be identified and used during this workshop to create characters and enhance group scenes.

For this,
it will be divided into two modules:
- Flamenco in a physical and expressive level: Presence based on physical and vocal training, applying principles from Flamenco dance techniques.
- Creation in a narrative level: Searching the meanings of the actions where the participants will create individual scenes that will be a part of a choral montage.

1. Flamenco in a physical and expressive level:
Ana Salazar will introduced the participants theoretical and practical into the technique of Flamenco dance with different exercises an initiation level. The general aim is to give a solid base of introduction about Flamenco, from movement and singing, in order to apply it in the scene.

- Work with hands, hips, legs, variations of turns, collocation, changes of weight and axes, stamping of the feet, as well as strengthening of the tread, sole heel, wheelbarrow, etc.
- Introduction to the three different “Palos” (Dancing Styles) of Flamenco Dance and its “Claquetas” (Music Flamenco Styles).
- Selection of one “Palo” and learn to sing it.

2. Creation in a narrative level:
With Carolina Pizarro the participants will be immerse in the exploration of different strategies to create scenic material and discover the meaning of the actions from Flamenco dance in theatre.
She will share her vision of training as a bridge to the creation from her experience as an actress and director.

- Narration based on creative training that allows to emerge new meanings.
- Differentiating between action and movement seeking a natural presence in a scene.
- Awakening conscience through improvisation and widening the possibilities of working with a character.
Participants will receive the fundaments and tools of Flamenco technique to apply them in a creative process, investigating different aspects of theatrical performance based on this style of dance, inducing the development of acting techniques that enable the participant to find organicity, between their mind, voice and body, and how to put it in service to a group montage.
If you are a creative person, who wishes to investigate and create with artists coming from diverse artistic disciplines, this workshop is for you.

Further information

“TEATRO DANZAO”, exploration between Flamenco and Theatre.
5 days of intensive creative workshop led by Carolina Pizarro and Ana Salazar.

This invitation is aimed to artists or students with previous experience in performing arts (actors, musicians, dancers, singers and performers) with availability, confidence and openness to let themselves be surprised by the creative process.
To apply send a CV, headshot and letter of intention to carolina@odinteatret.dk
Max. 16 Participants.
Arrival: October 28th at 14.00. Departure: November 3rd before 11.00.
After being accepted:
Fee: 650 € Early Pay deadline: October 10th 2022.
750 € Payment Deadline: October 25th, 2022.

- 5 days of intensive work, 8 hours per day. training and creative sessions; talks and films.
- Performance Danish songs and psalms in flamenco dress led by Kai Bredholt, Erika
Sanchez and Nikolaj Rosengreen 
- Access to working spaces and common areas. 
- Accommodation:
Lodging for 6 nights at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret.
Shared rooms, bathrooms and showers. Laundry and WIFI.
Communal kitchen to prepare lunch and dinner. Fridges to keep personal food.
Welcome dinner the day of arrival, lunch and dinner the last day.