The Raven


06. December 2022




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Grusomhetens Teater

The Raven

by Edgar Allan Poe

Directed by Lars Øyno


Edgar Allan Poe's poem, “The Raven” (1845), deals with what is hidden in the human consciousness - imprints from the soul and the sensitivity of the nerves. Due to its insistence on the revolutionary conditions of the dream, “The Raven” poetically illustrates a universal anxiety associated with life's inherent anarchy. Grusomhetens Teater’s dramatization of “The Raven” creates a picture of each verse: the visual dissolves the rational, and draws one towards an original landscape beyond the spectacle. A young student is confronted with the merciless conditions of life; an existential darkness that they must acknowledge, accept and become familiar with. Nature in the form of a black bird is the messenger, and silence is the voice enabling a collective cognition throughout the performance.

At home in the quiet living rooms of Philadelphia, while working on "The Raven," Poe witnesses the deteriorating health of his young wife and cousin, Virginia. Her mother and the poet's aunt try to keep the small family together despite financial difficulties and the son-in-law's rare, but often unfortunate, drinking in the town's inn.
Two years after the release of "The Raven", Virginia died of tuberculosis at the age of 18. The couple had been married for five years. The loss of "a holy maiden who now sees only the angels of heaven" led the 38-year-old author into despair and doom. Despite failing health, he wrote poems and short stories that today have a significant place in world literature. On October 7, 1849, he died at the hospital in Baltimore after some wild nights in the city. His last words were "God have mercy on my poor soul."
In the essay "The Philosophy of Composition", Poe describes "The Raven" as merely a mathematical matter, a study of composition and rhythm. He states that rhythm is necessary to develop the idea of beauty. The poem about the grieving student and his deceased girlfriend named Lenore is only a work written to deepen the purely crafted side of a creative work. Still, we are left with the trembling of the young man's painful situation, and not least the fascination with the enigmatic word "nevermore" from the raven that comes in through the window and sits on the bust of Athena.
Edgar Allan Poe is perhaps best known for his short stories that have inspired many a crime writer and film director in the horror genre. In the field of music, the poem "The Raven" can
claim to have been performed in various versions by world-renowned artists such as Lou Reed, Marianne Faithful, and Allan Parsons Project.
Grusomhetens Teater presents a theatrical version, and I do not know if many have explored in this direction. Whether the spectator, through a visual performance of Poe's masterpiece, can get closer to what is really going on over the 18 verses is not for me to say. Some may consider "The Raven" as a type of Gothic horror romance, but something tells me that it is a basic knowledge of nature and man that is being conveyed. Today, this seems more relevant than ever.

Lars Øyno
Writer and Director - The Raven
Grusomhetens Teater

Live Noven, Hanne Dieserud, Johanna Øyno

Lars Øyno

Poul Høxbro

Lightning design
Jan Skomakerstuen

Grusomhetens Teater

Gjøril Bjercke Sæther

Trude Sneve

Figure design
Kjartan Øyno Kirksæther


Foto & Video
Claudia Lucacel

Kjartan Øyno Kirksæther

Graphic design
Moro Design

Web design
Jonas Ulleland

Claudia Lucacel

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