Transit 9 - 2019

Theatre - Women - Will
12-23 June 2019

Dedicated to Lika Mutal


In 2006 I was invited to a festival in Lima by the actresses of the Yuyachkani theatre group. One day
they took all the guests to the memorial monument El ojo que llora (The eye that cries) by Lika Mutal,
a labyrinth leading to a stone sculpture at the centre. As I entered the labyrinth, I looked down: beside
the track there were thousands of stones laid in order, one for each victim of the war that had lasted
for twenty years between the Peruvian army and Sendero Luminoso. Some of the stones disclosed the
name and date of birth and of disappearance or death of a person. Looking down and remembering all
the other wars and massacres, I was seized by anguish and a sense of impotence. Searching for
comfort, I looked for a long time at the sculpture washed by a continuous ripple of water representing
the tears of the Pachamama (Mother Earth). Then I walked all the way back. The stones were in the
opposite direction and I could no longer read the inscriptions. Automatically I raised my eyes and
head, and my erect body regained energy. The simple obligation of placing one foot in front of the
other changed my attitude. I understood then that what we can and must do is to keep on walking. The
action of walking decides and where we look determines the direction and the spirit of where we are

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