29. June 2020

Call to Action 25 July 2020

This current crisis has impacted the arts and the culture work deeply, fundamentally rewriting the parameters of our crafts and creative relations. Despite that, many of us have adapted quickly and have continued to re-imagine the world through artistic practices (what we call ‘fires’) that were generously shared throughout this crisis during these dark times. These have had an immeasurable effect on those watching, yet the stark reality is that these same arts and culture workers are, and will continue to be, among the worst hit. Many events and festivals have been cancelled and arts venues are in crisis with many going into administration or having to severely cut staff and activities. 

1001 Fires is an international, not-for-profit initiative of artists and cultural workers across genres, disciplines, cultures and artistic visions, dedicated to solidarity and support among artists and originating in The Parliament of Practices

The first 1001 Fires call to action will take place on social media on July 25th, 2020.
And we invite YOU to take part! 

How to share your fire?

  • On 25 July, 2020, share your fire on one or all of the 1001 Fires social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If the location where you are does not allow you access to these sites please let us know by emailing mail@1001fires.org and we will endeavor to include a platform that you can access from your location.

  • Leading up to 25 July, we will regularly post fires online, so if you have something to share already, please share on our social media or email it to us at mail@1001fires.org