01. August 2018

Artist in Residence

Mathias Dyhr (born 1991) is a visual artist, author and art critic. On 1 August 2018 he began his one-year artist-in-residence at Odin Teatret. In recent times his cross-aesthetic practice has been shown to point in the direction of theatre - that his writing is inseparable from the body and voice communicating in the space. It opens the field of the actor's technique, which Mathias Dyhr will try to fully translate into his writing. He raises the question: what does it mean to write theatre? as he intends to offer a series of answers through different experiments.

As a visual artist, objects play a prominent role in his study. The subject-matter relationship is explored in the interaction between actor and props or instruments, but also in the staging of the sculpture and artifacts.

As an artist-in-residence Mathias Dyhr seizes this opportunity to pursue fundamental artistic research, which he develops in theory and practice at the Odin Theater and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. During the recidency there will thus be a series of experiments which will take place both at Odin Teatret and as barter in other selected places.

Since 2012 Mathias Dyhr has been part of the artist duo Mathias & Mathias together with Mathias Toubro. They have exhibited domestically and abroad, most recently Overgaden - Institute of Contemporary Art, the HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art and the MUNAL - Museo Nacional de Arte.

In connection with his departure from the School of Sculpture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016 his first book Sketch for a monograph was published by Roulette Russe. The publication is an art book, bordering between autofiction and art criticism.

Mathias Dyhr also works as a permanent art critic at the Scandinavian magazine Kunstkritikk.