19. March 2019

Great European Stage Directors

(Vol. 5): Grotowski, Brook, Barba

(ed. Paul Allain)
ISBN 978-1-4742-5398-7

Tuesday 19 March 2019

This short talk by Adam J. Ledger (University of Birmingham, UK) and Annelis Kuhlmann (Aarhus University, Denmark) offers a reflection on their collaborative attempt to write about Eugenio Barba’s artistic practice as a director. Embracing Barba’s occasionally paradoxical approaches, the authors’ non-chronological, rhizomatic account foregrounds rehearsal and performance of The Tree (2016), which further provides a shape to capture the various ‘branches’ of his work since 1964. The writers introduce how they embraced the ‘tree’ as a distinctive model to deconstruct the performance-in-process, and to map a ‘living archive’ within a multicultural theatre laboratory tradition. Kuhlmann and Ledger reflect on their digression into trees in order to write in a radically spatial way, and the sheer practicality of two academics writing the same piece. Their collaboration of over two years resulted in a substantial book section on Barba in vol. 5 of Great European Stage Directors: Grotowski, Brook, Barba (ed. Paul Allain), part of a major series published by Bloomsbury Methuen. Please join us ‘under the tree’, where we would like to thank Odin Teatret for its support.