01. February 2021

L’albero della conoscenza dello spettacolo

Eugenio Barba. L'albero della conoscenza dello spettacolo (The Tree of Performance Knowledge: Eugenio Barba) offers an original account of the work of Eugenio Barba. Using the Odin Teatret’s performance L’albero (2016) as a starting point, the book ranges widely across historical, imagistic and practical areas of Barba’s work. Developing the image of ‘the tree’ as a conceptual and spatial metaphor, the book offers a fist-hand account of topics such as Barba’s performances, interculturalism and community performance, but also introduces new areas of enquiry, such as his paradoxical ideas, dramaturgy, exile and legacy. Throughout, it also reveals Barba’s extensive writings. Rather than a chronological account, Kuhlmann and Ledger’s collaboration, unusual in arts scholarship, has conceived of Barba’s work as a web-like organisational structure. It provides a contemporary, engaging and poetic treatment of the landscape of this highly influential director’s work.


Translated into Italian by Leonardo Mancini

Published by: Cue Press, Imola 2021