17. March 2017



Letter from Eugenio Barba to Marco De Marinis on occasion of the Convegno: THIRD THEATRE, YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW in Teatro La Soffitta, University of Bologna, 18 March 2017.

Dear Marco

To you, and to all those gathered around you today in the Teatro della Soffitta in Bologna, I send you greetings from Latin America, the continent where forty years ago the theatre groups helped me to explain to myself the new culture that  grew up in Europe and in other places in the world.

This culture which I defined as Third Theatre lives from tensions, differences and contrasts. The Third Theatre was and is still a disparate profusion of artistic, cultural, political and therapeutic manifestations. It is shaken by motivations, formal results, group dynamics, creative and organizational processes generated by frustrations, individual dark forces, a spirit of revolt, the longing for a new technique and a goal to be given to our craft. I have always thought of it as a discovery of a personal meaning to be found through theatre. The confused manifold divergences in the Third Theatre express, however, a need to give a transformative value to theatre, both for the people who do it and for the surrounding society.

Theatre is the men and women who do it. Social and economic conditions change. The faces and the voices of the Third Theatre will keep on being profoundly different. But I cannot imagine that it will lose that dissident wildness which makes it so precious to me in its contrasting forms.

Thanking you for highlighting the vitality of the hidden mass in the theatre iceberg, I embrace you

Montevideo, Uruguay