21. April 2020

Paper published in Greek by Dr Maria Fragi on Eugenio Barba


The intercultural and pedagogical dimension of Eugenio Barba's work through his publishing presence in Greece and in the world

Introduction by Dr Maria Frangi:

Eugenio Barba, a young immigrant from South Italy has the main role in Odin Theatre research since 1964. From Poland to Denmark, working on Grotowski’s laboratory principle ideas, he became one of the most important researchers of the theatre art  throughout the centuries of human civilization. As manager and stage director of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and later as main person of the International School of Anthropology (ISTA), E.Barba shows the way towards a transcultural theatre and a serious approach of education based on the “learning to learn” method which is his legacy on acting and performing art.


I love theatre because it makes me feel like an emigrant who returns to his country to live there as a foreigner and without heirs.” 

E.Barba, On directing and Dramaturgy, p.16


At the beginning of this article is my research in the field of creativity, mainly processed by anyone who  explores the stage presence. One of the most influential figures in this research in the world over the last fifty years is Eugenio Barba. A man and a myth, Barba moves on many levels at the same time and despite his age he is still a reference person in acting training and education, directing and theater anthropology.

As theatre pedagogy and its broader relationship with education has been one of the main fields of my research over the last thirty years, I would like to present here the man and his works  that have influenced a large number of artists and researchers worldwide, but also in Greece, as well as my own artistic and scientific path.

Key words: laboratory theatre, performing, learning, acting, transcultural , theatre anthropology

Link to the full paper (pdf in Greek)

About the author

Dr Maria Frangi is a Theatre Director and Special Teaching Staff at the Department of Theatre Studies/University of Patras (Greece), where she teaches Theatre Didactics, Drama and Theatre for children and adolescents and makes annual projects in the “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech”. She has also taught at the graduate program of the University of Crete, Department of Philology (Theatre), at the graduate program of the University of Athens, Department of Early Childhood Education (Theatre -Drama theory and Acting) and at the special postgraduate program of the University of Athens, Department of Educational Sciences, since 1997. She has also taught Modern Greek Theatre at the postgraduate (Master 2) program of Neohellenique  Institut of ParisIV-Sorbonne University and at the Ein Shams University of Cairo (Ancient European Civilizations).

Directed many professional and amateur theatrical groups focusing on the study and research of performances for younger audiences, immigrants and refugees. Founded the “Lab of Theatrical Research and Art of the University of Crete” and the Drama Lab "ΤI ΘΑ ΠΕΙ" of the University of Athens.

Recent theatrical works:  Good bye Syria (2017), Return’s diary (2017), Baba Yaga, the seagull and the dark turtle dove (2017), L’ avare (the miser) (2018), The chessboard fugitives (2019). 

She has presented papers and published articles on Modern Greek theatre and drama  in international conferences. She has also published books and the national curriculum (1998, 2010) on Theatre & Performing Arts in Education.