18. October 2021

P.O.T.A. (Practicing Odin Teatret's archive)

This year S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts and Media) from Ghent University, Belgium, welcomes a new FWO-funded research project in collaboration with IPEM (Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music), Utrecht University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Aalborg University on Practicing Odin Teatret's archive, coordinated by  Adriana La Selva and Ioulia Marouda. 

This interdisciplinary research proposes to investigate what it means to develop, practice and perform an archive by addressing the transmission of embodied practices through digital and virtual media and dramaturgical approaches to archival practices. We propose to create a sustainable model for the development, transmission and distribution of virtually archived theatre acting techniques, in which the user becomes interactively and creatively engaged in the production of knowledge about theatre training practices. By elaborating on hybrids of both physical and virtual spaces, we allow a user to drift towards a new awareness of embodied knowledge transmission, production and distribution, in which the freedom of a theatre laboratory provides the space for an interactive and creative encounter with codified artistic techniques and practices through virtual reality immersion. In this sense, the archive becomes a dramaturgical tool for the actor, dancer and performer, an ‘architecture of access’ to find one's way through the great amount of data available nowadays through lived experience.

During the past few weeks, the researchers welcomed in Ghent Odin Teatret actresses Roberta Carreri and Iben Nagel Rasmussen, together with Mika Juusela and Patrick Campbell, for the first Motion Capturing sessions, where they shared their lifelong research in performer training practices. 

P.O.T.A. Practicing Odin Teatret's archive

Colour photos by Adriana La Selva, B&W photos by Bruno Freire.