18. March 2022

Rena Mirecka needs your help

Dear Friends,


You will probably remember that in 2019 I organized a fundraiser for Rena Mirecka’s medical treatment and rehabilitation. Rena is an actress and teacher of great significance within Polish and World theatre, and the history of Wrocław: at the same time she is personally dear to so many of us.

Below is a letter, outlining her current circumstances and a renewed fundraising campaign (initiated and organized by members of the Grotowski Institute). We ask you to read the letter, and – if you are able – to support Rena.

Thank you,
Stefania Gardecka
Grotowski Institute
Wrocław, Poland


As a team at the Grotowski Institute, we have been trying to support Rena Mirecka, whose health condition has unfortunately been deteriorating steadily after a severe stroke in March 2017. A second stroke in 2018, and accompanying diseases, have put significant strain on her body.

Following several stays in hospital with long-term rehabilitation, and unable to function independently in her apartment, she found a place in a private care and rehabilitation centre in Wrocław.

To those who are not familiar with the figure of Rena, we would like to remind you that in the years 1959–1984 she was an actress at the Laboratory Theater in Wrocław. She performed in all productions directed by Jerzy Grotowski. After the self-dissolution of the theatre in 1984, she carried out artistic projects based on paratheatrical practices, cooperating, among others, with Ewa Benesz and Mariusz Socha. For her artistic achievements, she was awarded the Golden Graal award, the ‘Silver Medal for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis’, and the ‘Medal for Merit to Wrocław’.

Rena Mirecka turned 88 in February. There is no close family she can count on. The Orpea Nursing Home and Centre for Seniors, where she lives, provides her with highly specialized help. Unfortunately, the monthly fee for the stay significantly exceeds her financial capacity. Due to Rena’s low retirement pension and the increase in treatment costs resulting from Rena’s deteriorating health, the amount due for the nursing home has not been repaid in recent months and a debt of PLN 45,000.00 (approximately EUR 9,293, $10,193 or £7,754) has arisen. In order for Rena to be able to stay in the best place for her, the arrears need to be settled as soon as possible. In addition to covering the costs of the debt, we have to organize funds for Rena’s maintenance on an ongoing basis, which is associated with - exceeding the debt - amount of this crowdfunding.

Unfortunately, we are not able to organize this money on our own, as a small group of people. We must ask you all for help – dear friends of Rena, students, workshop participants, those guided in recent years by Rena as part of the SUN School operating at the Grotowski Institute. We will be grateful for any financial support you can offer.

This letter is an appeal to all people with whom Rena has shared her creative energy, all those she has inspired and encouraged in their personal journeys. Let's help her now!

Important Information:

Due to tax law, a payment per person cannot exceed PLN 4,902 (approximately EUR 1,012, $1,110, £845)

Title of payment: Donation for Rena Mirecka
Donate what you can here:

Rena needs help - Magdalena Mądra | Pomagam.pl

Thank you for your empathy, help and understanding.

Yours sincerely

Jarosław Fret, Magdalena Mądra