09. March 2020

The "Barba-Savarese" Transcultural Method

Article by Ilaria Salonna-Rogozińska (Warsaw University), published in the Kultura i Społeczeństwo, Kwartalnik TOM LXIII Nr 1

   As it was for the Encyclopédie by Diderot and d'Alembert, who in teh XVIII century aimed at creating a tool of knowledge, the book by Barba and Savarese I Cinque Continenti del Teatro [The Five Continents of Theatre] has the ambition of encompassing in one unique project all the aspects about the material culture of the actor, an area in which the artistic work is challenged and influenced in its very principles and scopes by special practical and environmental conditions. This book offers the reader different thematic lines of discussion as an instrument of orientation in the universe of the material culture of the actor. The volume looks as an organic composition of various elements reciprocally resonating with each other, by the means of anticipation, associations of ideas, maps and an imponent iconographic material (around 1400 images). 

In the previous work The Secret Art of the Performer, published more than two decades ago as a result of the long-term researches of International School of Theatre Anthropology, the two authors refused the idea of a colonization of the theatrical techniques. In that work, they showed a network of influences transversals to all acting traditions, according to the main distinction between techniques of the body-mind and auxiliary techniques. The new book can be considered complementary to The Secret Art of the Performer, because auxiliary techniques are the main core of the material culture of the actor. ...

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