05. March 2021

The Easter Village Project

A Collective Theatre Laboratory during Easter Week

Sunday 28.3. – Saturday 3.4. 2021



Artists, cultural workers, technicians and all other interested folks, come together and connect all locations into one hybrid online village. Activities will be both online and offline, engaging the body and surroundings, taking the village also outside with mobile phones. The village thrives on what you bring to it, so we look forward to meeting you there!


How to take part

The Easter Village Project is free of charge and driven by curiosity. If you want to take part, please introduce yourself via e-Mail to info@studio7theater.de, or find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (@studio7theater). Please also let us know how much time you can spend in the village project, we make a point of facilitating also those with busy schedules and caretakers!!


The March

Everyone is relentlessly moving forward. We're marching towards... what? The day after the crisis? The day before a next crisis? Towards an envisioned utopia or into an even greater disaster? Some have boots and provisions, some walk on bare feet with empty pockets. Some loose, others win. Is it possible to stop? Is it possible to reflect? Is it possible to change course? Is it possible to create something new?  


It takes a village to raise a child

Faced with a desolating crisis of not being able to perform live, we want to invite theater practitioners, students, scholars, artists from different parts of the world to come together for an interdisciplinary laboratory. In order to share and forge visions for the day after, to learn from each other and to build and strengthen our networks. We would like to see this as a Village Project: It takes a village to raise something new. As a common dramaturgical spring board we suggest "The March" by Argentinian writer Alberto Adellach with its incredible rhythm, flow and its pessimistic attitude – which we need to oppose.


How the Village works  

During the Easter Week the Village will work daily in small groups – families – and also meet in plenum. The creation process is flexible and open to a variety of possible subjects, forms and commitments. In the Village, there will be room to create, to reflect and discuss and to spend time together.


At the end of the week we create an open event (i.e. work demonstration). In a creative way, we will share something from the Village and use the tools offered to us by technology to invite spectators to reflect on their own visions. Basic tools which we are going to use are: Discord as a virtual village, headquarter and meeting place; Zoom as rehearsal room; Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for experimenting with montage and streaming; and more, depending on the process. Expertise in these tools is not necessary!


The Easter Village Project is organized by STUDIO 7 Theater (DE) in collaboration with Cross Pollination - network for dialogue in-between practices (NL) and Teatr Brama (PL). If you want to take part, please introduce yourself via e-Mail to info@studio7theater.de, or find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (@studio7theater).



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