20. April 2022

The path of the actions, feedbacks

The path of the actions. From the training to the staging at Roma 3 University - DAMS (Rome-IT)

Workshop of 6 days at Teatro Palladium and in Class3 of Roma 3 University.

Led by Prof. Francesca Romana Rietti (Roma 3 University) and Valerio Peroni (Váli Theatre Lab).

The laboratory involved 21 students of the University in a mixed pedagogical situation that alternates stage practice with historical reflection. The aim was to provide tools to approach the use of the "pre-expressive" moment of the training as a springboard towards the "expressive" dimension that presides over the creation of a performance.

The students, through the practice and the theory, walked the path to the creation and montage of short scenes taken from "Don Giovanni" by Molière and "Platonov" by Checkov.

The workshop introduces the practices of the actor training from a theoretical and historical point of view reaching the practical experimentation, and the workshop is led with professionalism and competence by Valerio Peroni. The training is complete and intense, and it creates a strong connection among participants, promoting a positive and collaborative environment. What I appreciate the most in the pedagogical approach is that a fixed solution is never offered to the proposed exercises - instead the teacher aims to push the participants into finding new solutions themselves. This allows the pupils to experiment on the base of the given tasks, and Valerio and Alice transmit the work with great generosity and passion.
Giovanna Zanchetta
In an environment of harmony, working on concentration and presence, I was able to rediscover the power of breath, gaze and the energy that people can emanate. I rediscovered the energy of a group and the predisposition of humans to build relationships - something that in recent years has largely been left behind due to Covid. Thank you for letting us experience something new with courage, passion, and determination. Valerio Peroni and Francesca Romana Rietti guided us with clarity, availability, involvement and motivation. Everything we have learned will remain a treasure for our cultural and personal experience, useful for everyday life and certainly useful for a better future and a better world.
Martina Sarcina
The workshop was an engaging experience for me immersing myself into the world of theatre, skillfully led by the hand of a master capable of deep perceptions and an extraordinary technique. I wish everyone in life to work with and get to know Valerio Peroni.
Martina Barboni
This workshop was unknown territory to me, but it revealed itself as something both deeply personal and collectively satisfying. It led me to get to discover a new relational plan such as the importance of emotional and not just practical collaboration, and these seven days were eternal to me as they have left me something indelible and profound. Something that surpasses training, and something that I prefer to place in an intangible universe.
For me it was a first time actively working with the body and mind simultaneously. This certainly made me understand the effectiveness of the two working together as a powerful unity. The work that each of us has done on our own limits was very important. For the first time I found myself facing something that I did not know, and it frightened me. This laboratory made it possible for us to get to know ourselves on a deeper level and in new ways. I prefer to think of this experience as a school of life.
Mariachiara Casini

Through the workshop I learned that knowledge of one's own body is essential for an actor, and this led me to discover unused body parts. I am grateful for the training, not just for the discovery of movement, but also for the rigor and commitment in facing one's limits and overcoming them. The research of energy in the group is real. When you are exhausted you need to seek comfort in others and to find a common breath. The relationship with the group can fortify you and help to overcome your limits. I learned this in the laboratory: You must know your body, love it and indulge its impulses. And this can be achieved just through training. Thank you for this little experience that ended way too soon. It turned out to be a minor epiphany.
Federico Diana

Valerio Peroni is a very talented pedagogue. He was always available during the workshop - always kind and with a non-judgmental approach. Thanks to Valerio’s leadership the group became united and managed to create, in a short time, scenic materials of good quality.
Silvia Cremonesi

What characterized the workshop is the respect for other people and for what you are doing. Each exercise helped us to achieve the art of theatrical presence and it will remain in the memory of my body. I have learned to create images and visions of incredible power. Thanks to the interventions of Professor Francesca Romana Rietti we worked with associations not just in practice but also in theory. Bringing our experience closer to the words of last century’s theatre pedagogues, we made a short but intense journey into time, trying to keep in mind that we are not alone in our research. Thank you for these intense and precious days.
Caterina Priolo

The workshop was a mix of all positive emotions and sensations, a path of personal growth and above all a wonderful opportunity.
Alessandra Romano

Thanks to the workshop I got the opportunity to get in touch with myself and to look at myself from a new perspective, I tried not to judge too much. Taking myself less seriously I learned to love a little more.
Anna Aloi
This workshop forced me to slow down. I was able to take some time to learn and I believe that this helped me to fully understand myself.
Ilenia Guderzo
“Freedom” is the title of one of the songs that accompanied us during morning training, and freedom, energy and determination are the major sensations I have felt during the past few days. I feel free to act and to express myself, and to focus on myself and my work. I feel invincible. The energy we achieved during training is still in me and alive now more than ever.
Maria Ida Romeo
This workshop was an enlightening experience from a professional point of view but, above all, from a personal point of view. From the first day I started thinking about new perspectives and even if this experience is now physically over, I will continue to carry the learnings with me every day.
Denise Diamanti
I believe anyone can benefit from training things like yoga or oriental fighting disciplines. This works as a form of therapy that we learn to do on ourselves, whether it is to become more "believable" as actors or to simply be more in ourselves and live fully.
Giorgio Di Girolamo
This workshop gave me the opportunity to gain experience and try new emotions on both a physical and mental level. There have been intense days of work on the body and mind that allowed us to interact with others in a magical way.
Lorenza Mattiello
The experience of the workshop was surprisingly pleasant. It made me more aware of myself, and it helped me to overcome my embarrassment which has often formed an obstacle for me. Above all it was nice to share the experience with a group of unknown people with whom I have created a strong bond already.
Viola Rossi
I was very happy and fascinated by the workshop. I didn’t know what to expect and this kept me always ready and present. The workshop only lasted a few days but for its intensity it seemed like a month of work. It was an experience that gave me a lot, and a workshop that will lead you out of your own comfort zone - with pleasure.
Guglielmo Rodorigo
Magnificent experience! A perfect combination of the practical act of staging and historical and theoretical studies. Each day was a surprise, and every hour was a new discovery. We were no longer single students but one big beating heart. I want to say thank you to Valerio Peroni for providing through surprising training the tools to create scenic materials even for those who, like me, have never practiced theatre before.
Giusy Russo
The path of the actions. From the training to the staging