23. March 2022

World Theatre Day - Rai 5

On occasion of the World Theatre Day the 27th of March, Italian Rai 5 offers a marathon dedicated to the masters of the 20th century with extraordinary performances never broadcasted before. During 24 hours, performances by Ronconi, Scaparro, De Bosio, Fo and Franca Valeri and documentaries on Strehler, Bausch, Lepage, Lecoq, Grotowski and Beck will be shown. The programme will begin on Saturday 26th March at 9.15 pm with The Tragedy of Hamlet by Peter Brook, and will end on the evening of 27th March with the film by Stefano Di Buduo, Zona Limite, which documents the “Holstebro Festuge”, the festive  week conceived by Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret, involving the whole town of Holstebro in Denmark for nine nights and days.



Eugenio Barba is one of the few great old living rebels of the world theatre that the 20th century has generated. In the small Danish town of Holstebro, the second home of this native Italian, he realises the Festuge - a spectacular theatre project. One hundred horses from all over Europe stride together across the borderland of the Danish coast, marching into the city, the library and turn the parameters of normal life upside down.

Once again, the old warlock tears down walls - "Breaking Down the Walls" is what his companion Jerzy Grotowsky called it. And once again he is expanding the territory of theatre.

The film Zona Limite provides insights into this unusual theatrical process. For 9 days and 9 nights, Eugenio Barba and his Odin Teatret take on the feat of performing for the city's inhabitants while taking them on a journey into the adventurous realms of culture.

“Theatre is politics with other means: those of Beauty”.

Eugenio Barba


Director: Stefano Di Buduo
Produced by Aesop Studio and Odin Teatret
Duration: 63 min.
Director of photography: Christian Mantuano, Stefano Di Buduo
Music: Teatr Brama
Sound: Mamchil Alexiev
Sound editor: Tad Klimp

Featuring: Kai Bredholt, Eugenio Barba, Roberta Carreri, Manolo Bes, Julia Varley, Ding Yiteng, Camille Galle, Bertrand Bossard, Else marie Laukvik, Frans Winther, Tage Larsen, Deborah Hunt, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Donald Kitt, Pino Di Buduo