AjaRiot is a group of artists, performers, dancers, activists, video makers, scholars and organisers. They are mixed in nationality, background, age, experiences and practices. They explore the relationship between body and visual images, its intersections, its active potentialities. It is an open poetic process: a continuous work in progress. 

Their research is nourished by corporeal, somatic, plastic, visual, documentary and political practices. In this way, they propose to invest in an intuitive field beyond language, a visual and physical field that precedes the determination of a form and which can put back into question the self-assertiveness of the traditional scene, investigating reality with the public.

Their proposals are also inspired by some works of The Living Theatre, with whom they share the practice of open scripts, the relationship with the public and the processes of collective creation. Among their influences they can equally list: Odin Teatret and the physical theater, Tantheater, Video Art and the artistic forms derived from somatic experience.

The collective was born from the dream of Isadora Pei in 2014. This multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary project aims at investigating and creating dialectic bridges between the theme of Artificial Intelligence and contemporary Feminist Theories. It stems from an idea of the performing arts collective AjaRiot in co-production with the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (NTL – Odin Teatret, DK) and it will be internationally developed in 2018 and 2019. The collective will be in residence at Odin Teatret in June 2018, October/November 2018 and February 2019.