Year 3.7

The planet has been devastated by a cataclysm; women have disappeared and the male oligarchy in charge creates biocyborgs with feminine features suited to their sexual pleasure and to the reproduction and generation of male-only fetuses. Their bodies are dismantled and reassembled every 15 years; the downloaded data are used to make improvements and create new models suited to the tastes of the customers and the market surveys. A latest generation bio-cyborg has a system bug that allows her to maintain data accumulated over the previous 15 years. She does not recognize herself in the new body she is given and begins to ask herself questions. Who I am? What am I?

She comes across an image that she does not manage to decode. She finds it as well inside an apartment in the form of a huge drawing on the wall and, after tearing the wall apart, finds a box with an old terminal computer and a memory chip. It contains testimony: a female activist philosopher has saved a video message in which she tells about women, from their appearance to their disappearance, about matriarchal societies, about the Great Goddess, slavery, the struggles for emancipation, the conquest of rights, the movements of women and women rallies, feminist theories, women’s studies, gender studies, queer theories, sexual policies, wage equality. It is an awakening.

This multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary project aims at investigating and creating dialectic bridges between the theme of Artificial Intelligence and contemporary Feminist Theories. It stems from an idea of the performing arts collective AjaRiot in co-production with the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (NTL – Odin Teatret, DK) and it will be internationally developed in 2018 and 2019.

The goal is the production of a performance in which physical theatre, video projections, interviews, dance and sound experiments will be the key languages of our research. Different phases characterise our project such as preliminary studies and investigation about the key issues, conferences and debates, community interventions, artistic workshops and a creation of a multimedia platform.

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Federica Guarragi
Isadora Pei
Teresa Ruggeri
Camilla Soave

Direction & Visual Art
Isadora Pei

Emanuele Policante

Music Composer 
Carlo Valsesia

Selene D’Agostino
Sara Giorla

The project is realized with the support of
within the Bando ORA!
Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea