Boudu goes to Denmark

Boudu is a sweet and clownish uprooted traveller, who arrives to Danmark searching for luck and human warmth, dreaming of a house, a job and a family. Living in the street, his expectations are confronted with the daily life and the contradictions of "the happiest country in the world".

Playful and hungry, staring and lonely, he sees a "pølse" in the handle of a stick, he imagines a villa hidden in his suitcase, he tries amusingly to learn the first rudiments of the Danish language. Confronted with failure and poverty, he discovers that telling his stories in the street is in itself a beautiful adventure, and it has already become his job...

Sara Moscardini

Dramaturgy and directing
Sara Moscardini and Pierangelo Pompa

A coproduction
Altamira Studio Teater / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
Holstebro, 2016