A Theatre Concert

The World in a Song is a colourful and poetic theatre concert presented by Altamira Studio Teater. The concert, which consists of songs from different countries and traditions, is a travel through various atmospheres and musical landscapes. The actors sing and play their instruments and take the spectators to Denmark, Italy, France, Spain and South America. But in reality they are celebrating a secret, reading the music from an invisible score. What is hiding behind that empty music stand? Whom are the actors singing for?


Theatrical Coordination
Pierangelo Pompa

Altamira Studio Teater from traditional and modern motives arranged by Domenico Mannelli

Actors & Musicians
Domenico Mannelli
Sara Moscardini
Alice Occhiali
Valerio Peroni
Barbara Tholozan
On special occasions the concert also includes Mbalou Arnould.

February 2015

Altamira Studio Teater / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Co-production