White Is the Night is built around a story by Clarisse Lispector and a poem by Alda Merini. The Italian poet Alda Merini spent many years in a psychiatric hospital. In the performance we hear her recorded voice reading a poem, while a woman dressed as a bride repeats it as if she were also a poet. On a night of full moon this woman experiences a revelation of love, but her story cannot be shared. Nobody would believe her, her words remain locked up. Waiting for her beloved to return, the woman decides not to go back to work; she buys a beautiful red dress and invites men who give her money to join her.

Many women, when something hurts so much they cannot speak about it, desperately search for an escape. As a way of setting the 'birds' captured in their heads free, some women write poems, others attempt suicide, and others create a theatre performance. The woman in Blanca es la noche leaves the room dancing and refusing the choices put before her.

Ana Woolf

Directed by 
Julia Varley

Light Design
Fausto Pro

Technical Assistance 
Giorgio Zamboni

Stage Props
Leif Bech
Luca Ruzza

Clarisse Lispector
Alda Merini
Ana Woolf
Hans Christian Andersen

First performed in 2018