Anna Stigsgaard is a Danish theatre director.

She has created theatre performances in Denmark, Brazil, Italy, and Romania, working with both small independent theatres (Casa Laboratório, São Paulo, Brazil), larger municipal theatres (Pontedera Teatro, Italy) and national theatres (National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca, Romania). Her performances have toured in Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Austria, Italy, and Denmark.

She has directed large community and site-specific theatre projects in Portugal (Festival Imaginarius 2009 & 2010), Italy (Pontedera Teatro 2013-2014, Teatro Koreja 2013 & 2017), and Denmark (Odin Teatret’s Festuge 2008-2017 & NTL 2018).

From 2002-2005 she was a directing student at Odin Teatret, and a director’s assistant to Eugenio Barba for 3 productions. In 2007 she was the assistant of Kasper Holten af the Royal Opera of Copenhagen for the Nozze di Figaro.

In 2016 she completed the master’s programme of Comparative Literature at the University of Copenhagen; she is also the translator of two volumes by the Arabic poet Adonis: The Book (2010) and Songs of Mihyar the Damascene (2017).