Atlas is a initiative by director Paula Isiegas and actor Gabriel Molina, as a response of their need of a international ensemble that could embody different projects developed in different countries.

ATLAS borns as a nomad group, gathering artists working with body movement of different nationalities, that can move, work and create all around the world. The number of artists can change from one project to another, as each project is a piece that works independently.

The projects are developed as directed collective creations.

The work principles are rigor, exploration of rhythm and objects in relation with the body and space, combination, and above all a deep dive in the creative process. These are characterized by the use of work frames and setting limits the artists have to face and overcome.

The pieces look for innovative staging, precision, combination of techniques and languages, subtlety in the acting. They aim to be enjoyed and reachable to everybody, all over the world. For this its usual to work without spoken text, using body and movement as expressive tool.

Actually ATLAS develops its work between Spain, Belgium and Denmark; where they have been at residence at Nordisk Teatrlaboratorium, co-producer of the new performance (im)possible lives.