Actress, director and teacher. She has studied several physical and vocal techniques. Fundamental pillars for her research have been the meeting with Julia Varley, and her stay in the Hindustan Kalari Sangham Temple, where she developed her knowledge of Kalaryppayyatu and Silambattam martial arts. Since 2010 she has performed in the project Historia abierta, directed by the Belgian Lorent Wanson, touring Europe and Chile. Carolina has taught several workshops and seminars in India and in international encounters such as Art Space and Piccolo Cirkus in Barcelona. In Chile she directed a group of university students, taught storytelling techniques, and started the international project Transfer to invite foreign theatre companies and artists to Chile. In February 2013 Carolina received the prize for best actress and best performance at the Coquimbo Theatre Festival in Chile.

She is the director, together with Luis Alonso, of the international group and cultural platform of theatrical research Ikarus Stage Arts.