The Dream Dance
or Ring around the Rosie

Overwhelmed by
the beauty and power of The Adriatic Sea,
and enchanted by the mysteries of caves and rocks - two sisters invent their own Dream Dance -

whirling and dancing
into the pain of the past and the present;
spinning endless stories
that whisper and sing in their ears
as they dance on the waves of dreams and memories.

Two sisters "alone in the world" under the stars. All in blue. Who are they?
Maybe neglected by parents? Maybe victims of social problems?

Or haunted by traumas from the childhood?

Do they escape the storm created by their parents continous quarreling, fighting and drinking? Do they escape this by creating a universe of their own, where the stars always shine.

Two sisters continuosly fighting against stormy winds trying to avoid drowning in the waves. The stories, songs and games feed their hunger. They reach up for the stars and project magic into the spheres.

Sabera Shaik,
Masakini Theatre - Malaysia
Cinzia Ciaramicoli
Théâtre de la Cour - France

Directed by
Else Marie Laukvik, Odin Teatret

Tommy Bay

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
Masakini Theatre
Théâtre de la Cour