The performing arts group DOO – Divano Occidentale Orientale was founded in January 2010 by Giuseppe L. Bonifati. Linda Sugataghy (HU) joined in 2013. DOO´s artistic project started in Italy and in the North of Europe (Denmark), from the will to create and produce contemporary art through deep research, for an audience of youths and adults. DOO is a wide-ranging project, a continuous journey of contamination across geographical borders. Since the beginning our main concern is one: how to deal through arts with the unconscious and the unknown…

In the 10 years of its existence, the group has produced a line of diverse works. They have been hosted in theatres, museums, galleries & art festivals of international significance in Italy, Denmark, France, Costa Rica, Poland, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Iran, Brazil, Spain, India, Israel and Russia, gaining several international awards. Between 2010-2020 the group had its Artistic Residence at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Holstebro, Denmark) and participated in other residencies in Europe & Central America, among them: Art Quarter Budapest (Hungary), Godsbanen (Denmark), Venice Biennale – Theatre (Venice, Italy), Guestroom Maribor (Slovenia), Citè International des Arts/Les Pepinieres (Paris, France). They are also behind the community based performance project KUNSTPARTIET / ART PARTY, which between 2016-2019 had its headquarters at Bomhuset – Museum for Miniature Art, one of the littlest museums of Denmark. MAYOR IN RESIDENCE is the longest performance ever made by a couple of artists (535 days).

Artistic Director
Giuseppe L. Bonifati

Linda Sugataghy

Contributing Artists
Alberto M. Guinaldo, Luigi Tabita, Fabio Pappacena,
Roberta De Stefano, Adele Tirante, Antonio Merola,
Maurizio Semeraro, Cecilia Di Giuli, Nelson Bispo Dos Santos,
Paula Sancho, Francesca Palombo, Cheikh Tidiane Ndyae,
Annagaia Marchioro, Caterina Moroni, Maria Laila Fernandez,
Markus Karekallas, Daniel Bekè, Beatrice Vollaro,
Cristina Secareanu, Visnja Obradovic, Ashai Lombardo Arop,
Stefano Di Buduo, Lide Martinez Abaigar, Taylor Ayling,
Nagy Emese, Jessica Simet, Várnagy Kristóf,
Lide Martinez Abaigar, Claudio Passilongo, Raquel Subirana

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