In a country existing with no army for more than 50 years, Greta has a dream that she holds inside as fiercely as her virginity: to become a soldier-woman. To make it real, she secretly makes a desperate attempt: she tries to get accepted into the body of the "Civil Guard". She finds an ear in the police chief, Ramon - a corrupt man, unbeknownst to her. The young girl is overwhelmed by his swarm of words, and comes to believe he is truly interested in her. Ramón takes her by force, like a ritual sacrifice.

Are these roots of a "happy past that has produced unhappy people" to bring Greta to the end, crushed by the memory of a lost and sincere time?

Only at the conclusion can the bubbling discontent explode as revolution: 

The revolution of "the different", the last possibility to resist, albeit unnecessarily, the barbarism that is approaching. So Greta ransoms her lost dream of becoming a soldier; without complaining she greets herself and the things she has lost along the way, although with a deep wound in her heart.


Dramaturgy & Direction
Giuseppe L. Bonifati

Zingonia Zingone

Alberto Martinez Guinaldo
Lide Martinez Abaigar

Lights & Sound
Giuseppe L. Bonifati