A multimedia project made in 7 days

In Maren & I the Italian artist Giuseppe Bonifati describes his love affair with Maren:

Maren is not exactly my type because I usually like brunettes. Blond girls are new to me!"

Giuseppe meets Maren and falls in love with her. She doesn't talk much, but love doesn't need words. The story begins in a supermarket in Holstebro and ever since their first meeting their affection for each other is evident to all. But love, like art, is a research which is forcedly solitary. So, what will happen to our protagonists?

The multimedia project develops over 10 chapters. Among the many escapades of the two lovers, there are adventurous journeys and saintly pilgrimages.

The slender Maren will be hand in hand with her Giuseppe, who leaves the safe Aarhus to visit the revolutionaries in Caracas, Venezuela.

When he is back in Denmark together they will meet Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Maren's alter ego in the Castle of Kronenborg and H.C. Andersen's ghost in Odense, giving Giuseppe inspiration for a fairy tale.

Later Maren flies to Rome to be blessed by the Pope in Saint Peter's Square.

And finally she returns home to Holstebro, to her faithful devotees who are ready to worship her again.

The last suspense: what will happen to Giuseppe - the Artist?

The Italian sculptor Antonella Diana created a Maren for Odin Teatret; she is hardly distinguishable from the original statue by Alberto Giacometti - Woman on Cart in bronze, informally named Maren and which is exhibited since 1966 in the Old Town Hall Square in Holstebro.

The project has been realised as a road trip movie together with the creative residencies at Godsbanen Open Stage - Aarhus in co-production with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Holstebro (DK) by Giuseppe L. Bonifati & Stefano Di Buduo - Aesop Studio.

Maren and I premiered in 2014.