A visual poem in 3 chapters

Chapter 1: Never judge a book by its cover
Chapter 2: Are you sure if we share the same bicycle we are happy?
Chapter 3: Having a samurai sword doesn't mean that you have to hurt others with it!

This performance wants to investigate the relationship that may spring between the teacher and the student, together with the hasty and cheap judgments that a community can make.

A big white space. Maybe it's the gym of a school. The youngsters have no name. Just numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. The number of the brave and fearless Samurai. Or 7, as the days of The Judgment, before the 8th day sweeps all away. The bell rings, so the pedagogue makes his entrance:

The aim of this lesson is not to fulfill wishes, but to raise up new questions."


Directed by 
Giuseppe L. Bonifati

Alberto M. Guinaldo (DOO) with 7 dancers

DOO – Divano Occidentale Orientale (Italy)
Culture Department, Municipality of Rome (Italy)
NTL–Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Balletskolen Holstebro, Holstebro Bibliotek, Godsbanen Aarhus (Denmark)  

Shame premiered in 2015