In the exact instant you want to give up, you can go through a whole lifetime.
“There are days when I just want to leave or let him die”.
There is too much to lose: a challenge to be solved with a clean cut slash.
Perhaps the day of the last goodbye has come?
The house on fire, the leather jacket, even the years of adolescence.
Then something or someone, unexpectedly, changes the course of events.
He, or she, appears on tiptoe, almost unnoticed, and
like an unexpected guest and map engineer, rewrites the boundaries of our self.
He opens our eyes, rubs them with briny wisdom. He offers his hands open as hope.
“Leave? Let him die? What should I do?”

An Amish Family consisting of a Father, a Mother and two Twin Sisters is at the bedside of a dead son. “A Dead Man” talking, who has committed suicide for love; around him there are some people, like the beloved “Eastern Woman” (The Treason), “Little Bird” (The Consciousness) and the mystical “Biancospino” (the Wisdom). Before to die there are still few issues to be clarified, which will allow the man to elaborate the mourning love and push his relatives to reflect on the true affective relationships of the family.

Months ago I felt the echo of a woman coming from the East, like a ghost who visits an artist in a dream. She appeared with another strange character, that of a semi-mystical figure, “Hawthorn”, a priest dressed in white to which everyone confesses why they want to see a poor man die. Two Siamese sisters of the dying person, a father and a mother, make up the Amish family. A little bird represents childhood, the grace of the past, while a mute man is not just mute. I imagine that a kiss of the Woman from the East, (a kiss if we are romantic), or a last sexual embrace, (to allow a crude moment of theatre), wakes the Dead Man or gives him the final blow. The final blow everyone longs for, invoked even by the sisters, who want their part of the inheritance, of the land, or simply because for too long he has occupied the only big bed in the house.











Text, Dramaturgy and Directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati
Translator & Assistant: Linda Sugataghy

DOO & Aesop Studio (IT) / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)