THE JASONITES is an international theatre group with Isadora Pei from Italy, Marcelo Miguel from Brazil/Germany, and Alberto Martinez Guinaldo from Spain/Belgium. In 2008 a group of performers from 23 different countries met at Odin Teatret to take part in the performance The Marriage of Medea directed by Eugenio Barba. The performance was the celebration of the wedding between Jason and the foreign Medea, separated by geographical and cultural differences. Jason's family was interpreted by a multi-ethnical group of artists, some of which continued the training experience started in Denmark taking the message of celebration and feast to other cities, with actions of exchange and barter, with the aim of sharing theatre as intellectual stimulus and cultural promotion. The Jasonites have realised intercultural theatre projects in Turin (Italy), San José (Costa Rica), Freiburg (Germany); participated in Odin Teatret's project Teater som interferens conducting workshops and performances in schools, day-care centres and hospitals, and in the performance Ur-Hamlet directed by Eugenio Barba; and produced Passeportout (directed by Giuseppe L. Bonifati) and Shakespills (directed by Julia Varley with Eugenio Barba's supervision). Since 2011 The Jasonites are artists in residence at Odin Teatret for about six months a year.