Mérida Urquía is an actress, pedagogue, director and cultural manager born and raised in Cuba and based in Colombia since 1994. She is the director of the La Flor del Actor Theatre Festival, founded in Bogotá in 2018 as a tribute to actors and actresses of the world with a long creative and pedagogical career. In 2016, she founded the project Los Rechazados, in Bogotá - a free workshop for the training of young people with limited resources, which annually invites international actors and actresses as teachers.

Merida Urquía founded the group Mi Compañía Teatro in 2012 in Bogotá, as a framework to produce her own performances and a structure to work with young actors and students. Merida founded the group after she left Ensablaje Teatro to establish of her own independence as an artist.

Mérida started as an actress in 1986 in the Teatro Universitario de la Habana. In 1988, she founded in Cuba, together with other artists, the Teatro a Cuestas, a group inspired by Odin Teatret. From 1996 to 2012 she was actress in the Ensamblaje Teatro de Colombia, and now directs Mi Compañía Teatro in Bogotá. She has toured the solo performance La extranjera to many different countries.