This one -hour solo performance is based on a local legend about a Malay Queen in the 17th Century who ruled the East Coast state of Kelantan or Kota Jembal as it was known then. So beautiful was she that the sultans of the nearby lands vied for her hand. She also had supernatural powers. No less handsome was King of Siam whose request for her hand was rejected outright by Puteri Saadong’s mother. To avenge this rejection, the King invaded Jembal and burnt it to cinders and carried off the beautiful queen to Siam. Before leaving for Siam, Puteri Saadong, who was by then married to her cousin, told her husband that she will remain chaste and that he should wait for her return.

Puteri Saadong was incarcerated in the Siamese palace for almost three years. However, upon her return, Puteri Saadong, was angered that her husband, Raja Abdullah had married again. In a fit of anger after an argument, she killed him with her hairpin. She disappeared immediately after this incident. Some say she moved her whole palace up into the mountains and lived there till her death. Some say she never died and still can be seen on the mountain on some mornings.

Puteri Saadong

Masakini Theatre Company (Malaysia)

With: Sabera Shaik, Kamrul Hussin, Susan Sarah John

Lights: Normah Nordin

Directed by Tage Larsen (Odin Teatret)