Regula contra Regulam Teatro is a Nomadic Theater Laboratory whose aim is to create and develop artistic and pedagogic activities, performances productions, and diffusion of interpersonal exchange through theater. Regula Teatro is a big house where different generations of actors, directors, masters, scholars and theater's lovers can meet each other.

The project started in 2007 within an independent and international theater group, and with the support of the Grotowski Institute. From 2011 Regula contra Regulam Teatro becomes an autonomous entity, connecting to the tradition of Theater Laboratory approach, further expanding its activities on professional, cultural, education and on projects centered on national and international collaborations, co-productions and exchanges.

Regula Teatro has created numerous performances, among which Fuga sul Training, Totentanz, Stand' al mondo senza'l mondo, Choralpassion, Antigone's family, Eikha, Con un cierto desconcierto, and The Empty Nest, as well as pedagogic activities as Open Sessions (Grotowski Insitute), Regula Sessions in Turkey, Mexico, Italy, Romania. Teatro de La Abadia (Spain), Hooyong Performing Arts Centre (South Korea), Universidad de Cordoba (Argentina), Orian Theater (France), and several others.


Raúl Iaiza
Director and Pedagogue. Artistic Director of Regula contra Regulam Teatro.
He directed all the performances of Regula Teatro. From 2000 to 2012 he was assistant of direction of Eugenio Barba at Odin Teatret (Denmark): Salt, Andersen's dream, Don Giovanni all'Inferno. The Chronic Life. Since 2007 He directs the project Regula contra Regulam/Education in the Grotoski Institute.As director and pedagogue he regularly collaborates with different institutions, theaters and festivals, all over the worlds: South Corea, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Poland, Spain, Romany and Italy.

Giulia Varotto
Actress and Neuroscientist. Cofounders of Regula contra Regulam Teatro, directed by Raul Iaiza.
She follows a professional education path under the direction of Raul Iaiza, since 2009, and Roberta Carreri (Odin Teatret), since 2013. As actress she took part to all productions of Regula Teatro. Since 2012 she is part of Grotowski Institute/Educational programme, in the Research Programme Regola dei Laudesi and in the project Open Session. Since 2015 she is part of the group Entrenamiento Abierto/Teatro de la Abadia (Madrid, Spain), Led by Vicente Fuentes y Raul Iaiza. Since 2009 she works as neuroscientist in the Neurological Institute C. Besta (Milan), focusing her research also in relationship between music and neuroscience.