The Empty Nest

Can all mothers make pancakes? Can all mothers be a mother? Is a woman's natural impulse towards motherhood a decision or a psychical condition to which she must subject?

The Empty Nest is a journey from the activities of daily life into a world of doubt and denial. Two competitive half-sisters meet to empty the house of their deceased grandparents and pack the last things that ties them to their childhood. In this cosmos of crackled memories and sprouting hopes, they ask themselves the question: 'To be or not to be a mother?' It is this dilemma that compel the two women to dive into family memories and confront themselves with the doubts that emerge from their past experiences.

Carolina Pizarro
Gulia Varotto

Direction & Dramaturgy
Roberta Carreri

Light Design
Luis Alonso


Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
Regula Teatro