Eyes of the Landscape is a po-ethical homage to nature. It insists on a way of seeing and listening which has become severely disrupted and challenged in our time. The protagonist of the short film is Nature, that shows the dramatic transition from winter to spring. The film was made together with film-photographer Dan Fearon from Riotous Company.

The performance is based on poems by Knud Sørensen with original music by composer Nikola Kodjabashia. The performance was a created as part of a community project where a location is transformed, completely overtaken by Nature, a place where the audience has to share their seats with plants and trees. The performance is about our cycle of life, generations, the wind, the sea, the birds and more!

Tage Larsen (Odin Teatret)
Mia Theil Have (DK)
Nikola Kodjabashia 

Short film and performance directed by
Mia Theil Have