Theatrical characters meet in a dreamlike landscape, each of them with their visible or invisible abnormalities. They travel together through changing sceneries of magic colours. Love and affection arise, while celebrating the Midsummer’s Day, only to be followed by jealousy and fighting during a wedding. Diabolic figures, innocent romances, and seductive singing are interfering with each other, while an old chain dance links the characters together in spellbound patterns. Are we in a circus populated by mocking ghosts, or diving into our own subterranean fantasies?
The performance FREAKS features live music, as well as songs and dialogues in different languages. The lighting is “handmade” (or, rather, “sand-made”), using manually operated lights and a vintage slide-projector with sand, plants, and different liquids, embracing the actors and dialoguing with them, revealing an ardent, picturesque tale.