Rocio (born in Chile 1989) is an actress, director and theatre researcher.  From 2007-2010 she was a member of the theatre troop La Oruga, where she developed a performative approach with a physical perspective. In 2012 she created her first piece as a director, Efecto Desarme, developing her interest of identity through the work of the performer’s body and biography. In 2013 she participated as an actress in Quiero la verdad y los colores que faltan, investigating movement structures and creating dramaturgy through them.  Between 2012 - 2013 Rocio made a theoretical research of the artistic process and the importance on artistic investigations. Between 2014 - 2017 she worked in the company; Tercer Abstracto, an artistic collective that researches the relationship between vanguards and neovanguards from the visual arts and the application through different scenic strategies. In 2016 she directed Misandria y Misoginia, researching and questioning ageing with themes of identity through a gender perspective. From 2017 she has continued developing her work in Berlin as a performer, director and teacher. Rocio has been an NTL artistic resident since June 2020 creating a solo performance as well as a solo musical concert.