Signild Thygesen graduated from Academy for Circus and Performance Art (Netherlands) in June 2019. Since graduating she has co-founded and performed with Trio Triskela, a circus company consisting of three trapeze artists.

Her interest to combine her practice as a circus artist with other performing arts brought her to a work-shop at Odin Teatret in August 2018. Since then she has been returning to Odin Teatret, first to take lessons from Donald Kitt, and later to take part in a creation with other artists connected to the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.

From October 2019 Signild has started her one-year residency at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. The residency gives her the space and opportunity to extend and rethink her way of training and performing circus. The result will be shown through participation in projects and performances around Holstebro. During her residency she will be teaching at Cirkuskolen Cirko in Idom.